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OSU Undergraduate Students:

Undergraduate students play a large role in our group. Working in a research group is a fantastic learning experience that can give you excellent preparation for graduate school in chemistry. If you are interested in learning more, please email Prof. Beaudry and provide your GPA, grades in organic chemistry, and your plans after completing your undergraduate degree. He will respond and encourage you to schedule a meeting where you can learn more.

Prospective Graduate Students:

Students interested in graduate study at OSU should apply to our graduate program. Instructions can be found here (note that it is free to apply electronically).

Postdoctoral Applicants:

We currently have funding for postdoctoral researchers. PhD students interested in a postdoctoral position should apply to Prof. Beaudry by regular mail. Include a CV, research summary, and arrange for letters of recommendation to be sent (by email) to Chris.